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  Zilqad Zilhajj 1429 AH

The discourses, speeches, guidelines and practical steps of someone are not based on any incident or accidental occurrence; these are the outcome of the thoughts of that person. Hence in order to understand the reality and the specifics of the practical movement and messages of


  Mohurrum Safar 1430

The personality of Imam Khomeini (r.a) also has several dimensions like Jurisprudence, Marjai’yat (religious referral), leadership, Guardianship, Mysticism, philosophy, recognition of Quran, specific ethics, great worshipper, inviter towards Islamic unity, resistance and crusade,


  RabiulAwwal RabiusSaani 1430

he Islamic Revolution is an outcome of a thought and this thought has been initiated from the time of Imam Khomeini (r.a) and got accomplished by his respected hands itself by wearing its practical attire.


  Jamadi-ul-Ala-Jamadi-usu-Saani - 1430

Imam Khomeini (r.a) when he emphasizes on Wilayat in the propagation of Religion is also very humble in the presence of the defender of religion Lady Fatema Zahra (s.a). This humbleness is not due to the reason which is present in the mind of many believers.


  Rajab Shabaan - 1430 A.H

Personality means development of such attributes in our self which leads towards our recognition and we are identified by those traits. It is like when we meet someone we introduce ourselves and when we introduce we talk about some of our current work , affairs etc like who am I


  Ramzan -Shawwal - 1430 A.H

The difference which Imam (r.a) made in the relationship between Scholars and People was amongst the fundamental points of establishing this Revolution.


  Mohurrum Safar 1431

According to Imam (r.a) Ashura is not just an event it is a school and Ideology and he has absorbed the path of salvation of Ummah and realities of religion from this school. Imam (r.a) shed tears on Ashura and mourned on the Martyrs but at the same also acquired the message of Ashura.


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