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  Zilqad Zilhajj 1429 AH

Without recognition benefits cannot be derived from anything, something cannot be proved beneficial to us unless it is correctly identified. We cannot derive benefits out of anything irrespective of it being materialistic affairs or spiritual, for this world or hereafter and


  Mohurrum Safar 1430

When the lover of Allah comes in the presence of Quran he is aware that this the speech of my beloved, speech of my master, speech of my creator and my lord, but if he is not a lover of Allah and is just reciting Quran for worldly or hereafter benefits (rewards) then he recites


  RabiulAwwal RabiusSaani 1430

There are two meanings of Recognition or Identification of Quran. One type of recognition of Quran is to understand the different meanings and interpretations present in the verses and chapters of the Holy Quran which in other words means


  Jamadi-ul-Ala-Jamadi-usu-Saani - 1430

The precise and real recognition of the Holy Quran can only make this speech of Allah a practical manifesto of our lives. Attraction towards Quran on the basis of needs, desires and other purposes prevents it from becoming a practical manifesto. Similarly surface level and


  Rajab Shabaan - 1430 A.H

The Quran takes its followers out of blind following towards creativeness but this is only possible when man refers to Quran with a creative vision instead of blind following customs.


  Ramzan -Shawwal - 1430 A.H

Quran is a speech of Allah but this book of heavenly world has been descended and made easy for us. What is the concept of this "Nuzool" and making it easy?


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