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  Zilqad Zilhajj 1429 AH

In this poem Allama Iqbal has found the answer to a very basic fundamental question for humanity. This poem can be considered as an extract of all the wise works of Allama Iqbal. The question is; what are the things required by human being to become a human being in true sense.


  Mohurrum Safar 1430

The reason why Allama Iqbal is supplicating and desirous of this old wine or the Mohammedian Islam is because the Islam present with the Muslims today is not the pure and real Islam. This Islam present today is severely adulterated, several temperaments like Sufi courtyards culture


  RabiulAwwal RabiusSaani 1430

Continuing on the discussion of the essentials for recognizing pure religion, the discussion moves into the need for Pure vision


  Jamadi-ul-Ala-Jamadi-usu-Saani - 1430

The self of man is alive by continuous mourning and restlessness. The soul of man gets enlightened and lustre from this mourning and for mourning continuously you need a mystic of pain which is the asset of heart whereas those.


  Rajab Shabaan - 1430 A.H

The actual purpose of religion is to guide human being towards the purpose of creation. In order to acquire this objective the creator of religion has kept everything inside religion addressing all the needs of man.


  Ramzan -Shawwal - 1430 A.H

Today all the problems in the Islamic world is due to impure Islam and impure religion. The solution for all these problems is to return towards pure Islam and pure religion.


  Ziqad - Zilhajj - 1430 A.H

he boundaries of religiousness are as big as the boundaries of religion. And according to the boundaries of each, the calamities, respectively, are in abundant too. If an unguided man doesn't accept religion from the core, surely he is among the misguided ones in world and among the destroyed ones in the hereafter.


  Mohurrum Safar 1431

The Holy Quran has got the attention of the believers by sensing the danger of hypocrisy and said if you do not distance yourself from hypocrites, do not avoid their thoughts, do not reject their paths then you will also be counted amongst hypocrites.


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