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  Zilqad Zilhajj 1429 AH

The way the Holy Quran has its own world similarly Nahjul Balagha also has its own special world. The Holy Quran till date is unrecognized though since centuries Muslims are focusing and busy in mere reading, sweet recitations, memorization and interpretation of this book……


  Mohurrum Safar 1430

The elderly scholars say that the words of Ameerul Momineen (a.s) are above the speech of human beings and below the speech of creator and hence it is not easy to do an exposition and exegesis of his words. Ali (a.s) is not just the commander of believers; he is the commander


  Jamadi-ul-Ala-Jamadi-usu-Saani - 1430

The sermons by Ameerul Momineen (a.s) in Nahjul Balagha are in reality the exegesis of Quran and as such Nahjul Balagha is the topical commentary and exegesis of Quran.


  Rajab Shabaan - 1430 A.H

The Wisdom of Ali (a) is the name of comprehensive principles which are related to every dimension of human beings life. These principles are universal for every era, every generation, every region, every school, every level and every field.


  Ziqad - Zilhajj - 1430 A.H

The continuation of the exposition of the Wise Saying of Ali (a.s) on the subject of Dignity and Humiliation of self. An act of humiliation can foil all the good deeds of man. A must read of insight of the very basic teaching of Islam which is lost by Muslim Ummah


  Ramzan -Shawwal - 1430 A.H

An expositiong of second wise saying of Ali (a.s) related to Self Respect and humliation of Self. An important starting lesson for man in his spiritual journey towards perfection and purpose of life


  Rabi-ul-Awwal Rabi-us-Saani 1431

An exegesis of the 3rd Wise saying in Nahjul Balagha whereby Imam Ali (a.s) discusses about traits of beautification and ugliness for man.


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