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  Zilqad Zilhajj 1429 AH

There are thousands of big and small centers today related to different Islamic school of thoughts. Some amongst these posses historic and global fame whereas some others are running unidentified; all these centers are great assets and capital of Islamic world. These centers are


  Mohurrum Safar 1430

The most powerful authority of the Islamic Seminary is the Supreme Council. The board members for the Supreme Council are minimum seven. The members of the council are recommended by the consortium of lecturers of Islamic Seminary. The recommended names are present in front of the Marajae Taqleed


  Jamadi-ul-Ala-Jamadi-usu-Saani - 1430

There has been a lot of changes in the education system of the Seminary after the Islamic revolution and a formal syllabus of the Seminary has been structured. The process of admission of students in different institutes has started


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