About us Mashrabe Naab refers to a pure source of water in literal sense, which implies to a school of thought or an ideology in this context. The pure water which is essential for the spiritual survival of human being is a pure ideology which emancipates human being from the clutches of distorted way of living and goals of life providing him the recognition of the right path. In pursuit of this mission not limited to a particular religion or a sect but addressing entire humanity, Bethat Islamic Research Centre (Markaze Tahqeeqate Islami Bethat) has started this program of a Bi-monthly magazine publication. This magazine is printed in Urdu language and will be made available on this site in Urdu language for online reading and in English translated form for only online reading. This magazine is a mix of socio political and ideological contents with the aim of touching those essential subjects of Islam which have drifted away from its right course or have been abandoned. The primary aim of this magazine and this online work is to educate the mass about the core human values which Islam as a religion preaches, and failure to acquire these values would result into spiritual and materialistic destruction for human being as it has been witnessed globally today.

     Mashrabe Naab magazine is an outcome of contributions of some religious personalities educated from the Islamic Seminary of Qom and this magazine is published under strict supervision and guidance of Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi. The visitors on this site have been given the option to Subscribe to the printed version of this magazine (available in Urdu only). At present this magazine is published on bi-monthly basis but god willing it would be very soon done on monthly basis.

     The release of the first issue of this magazine has received overwhelming response; thus this demand and the thirst for pure knowledge and awareness puts more responsibility on our shoulders to improve on our deliverables. We request the visitors of this website to give us sincere feedback about this publication helping us in getting continued improvements.

   This website has been exclusively created to present this magazine for online reading specifically for those who cannot acquire the printed version due to logistical difficulties. Apart from this we understand that need for recognition and awareness in the non urdu speaking world as well and hence we will attempting to present either all or few selected articles translated in English as well on this site. This site will also serve as an archive for all the issues of the magazine providing a comprehensive linkage to articles in a course form. By using electronic technology we aim to provide services that would make propagation of the content of this site easy. Initially all the contents of the magazine are accessible to public but in near future this would become member specific. Hence we request you become a registered member of this site and if you are already a member of then the same membership access will work over here.

   All the website inquiries can be made through the Contact us page, or you can directly write us at or



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